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Phil grew up in the Ft. Benning area as part of a military family and has been an avid artist since the age of three. He has over 20 years of experience designing camouflage patterns for both the outdoor and tactical industry. He worked for ten of those years with an industry leading company designing and marketing top-tier camo branded patterns.

Afterwards he created a successful marketing company before re-teaming with Steve Hanks in 2006 founding of Next Camo, LLC. Together, they created new brands for the outdoor industry. The many advances pioneered by Next Camo led to the creation of new company in 2009, Digital Concealment Systems, LLC, and the launch of A-TACS Camo brand.

Throughout his career he has pioneered many of the advancements in the creation of modern digital concealment patterns. Also one of the first to create a photo-realistic fully-digital camouflage pattern. Today he continues to drive the development of advanced concealment solutions with RAIDER Concealment.


Co-Host Raider Concealments' The Challenge Outdoors /Business Development Team


Following in the footsteps of both his Father and Grandfather, Georgia native Brad Frost was introduced to hunting at an early age. Needless to say, it became rooted in his DNA.  As Brad pursued a career in Information Technology management, he continued to grow his outdoor skillset throughout the years moving beyond the Georgia pines and seeking game across the country. Early along the way he met his future co-host and good friend Scott Carroll. The two quickly became fast friends bonding over their shared passion for the outdoors. It was there that one fateful day in a ground blind, the two friends decided to begin documenting their hunting adventures and the rest as they say, is history. Today Brad is not only a dutiful husband and Co-Host on “The Challenge” television show and newly launched Challenge Outdoor Podcast, he is also a partner in Raider Concealment, the camouflage company and family of camo patterns being used in the newly re-imagined show.


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Clint's home of record is Casper WY, and being exposed to hunting at an early age with a father that was a Hunting Outfitter, Avid Outdoors-man and Nationally ranked Cowboy Action Shooter the hook was sunk!

   Clint departing for military service that included time in the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment as a combat medic.

     Task-Force medic for Operation BAT (Bahamas, Turks and Caicos), a joint US Army/ US Drug Enforcement Agency Counter-Narcotic Interdiction unit. Operation BAT conducted counter drug smuggling operations, human smuggling and search and rescue in the Caribbean Islands.

     Graduated US Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. He served with an Operational Detachment-Alpha; assignments include Senior Weapons Sergeant, Company Operations Sergeant and Special Forces Assaulter.

     Instructional assignments include, US Army Airborne School, Infantry Basic Officer Course, Asymmetric Warfare Groups- Combat Applications Training Course (CATC) and the Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course with United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School, were he mentored and instructed future Special Forces soldiers.

    As the US Army Small Arms Branch Acquisition NCOIC, gave critical insight into the development Small Arms Weapons inventory.

    Altogether Clint served 25 years in the United States Army and retiring honorably from active duty in Dec. 2012.

    Today he continues to drive the business development of advanced concealment solutions with RAIDER Concealment.


Co-Host Raider Concealments' The Challenge Outdoors /Business Development Team


For “The Challenge” Co-Host and Georgia native Scott Carroll, hunting has always been a family affair. Introduced to hunting and the outdoors by his dad, Scott Carroll harvested his first deer when he was 12 years old. Ever since he harvested that first deer Scott has been driven by a deep passion for hunting that dives him to this day.

It was later while attending Valdosta State College and majoring in Telecommunications, that Scott came up with the idea to begin documenting his hunting pursuits to share with friends and family. Carrying a camera on each hunt soon became as natural as carrying a bow or gun. It was during this time that he met his soon to be good friend and co-host Brad Frost.

Throughout the years, Scott has continued to share is passion for the outdoors not only with viewers of the show, but now he is passing his love of the outdoors on to his son, Corey and sharing experiences with his wife, Misty.

Today, Scott splits his time between co-hosting “The Challenge” television show and podcast and running a taxidermy business. Like Brad, Scott is also a partner in Raider Concealment.


Marketing Strategist / Producer: The Challenge Podcast


Currently a Senior International Business Major at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, JJ has been surrounded by the military for most of his life. JJ’s interest in marketing began in high school, and eventually followed him into his college career where he began as a Marketing major. After a study abroad trip to Mexico in the summer of 2018, Jonathan’s longstanding fascination with language and culture mixed with his business interest, which prompted him to pursue a degree in International Business along with a minor in Spanish. Jonathan has always been interested in military history with a fascination for military firearms of the early 20th century. JJ can usually be found on the range or workshop, shooting, and maintaining his collection of antique firearms as well as building and maintaining his own AR platform rifles.

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